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The Monterey Musicians Conducted by Vincent Randazzo

On Saturday, April 17th, Randazzo has organized a super group of 12 Monterey music talents and will conduct them through a series of sonic ideas using only lights. “It was a concept I picked up working with my producer Chris Schlarb down in Long Beach. When he’d conduct his band Psychic Temple in the studio or at festivals he’d use a similar system.” Randazzo, perched off stage and behind the audience, will signal solos and focal points by turning on and off the lamps erect beside each of the 12 musicians. Even the color wash of the stage will play a part, signaling the dynamics of the players. 

Valley Soul’s Richard Tripps holds down the drums paired with the infinitely expressive Rick Chelew on double bass ***and Shaun Elley on percussion***. Jazz geared Zachary King on keyboards ushers in horn players Ben Herod and Kevin Call. Beholder Band alum and Ajimas guitarist Simon Stewart delivers inspired, evocative six string leads with Daniel Cortes. ***The talented Kristen Gradwohl is set to explore the possibilities of lyricless vocals- i.e. mouth trumpet and more.*** Poised in stereo on the far left and right of the stage will be Jeddy Grant of the project Morticai and local music instructor Steve Baker on atmospheric electric guitar and bass using midi and effects pedals to create a lush atmosphere around the others. Palenke Arts coordinator Juan Sánchez will even offer up his talents throughout the evening on violin.

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